We keep improving!

New students, new internships, new companies, new adventures and a new website!

Through this message we want to let you know that we have a completely new website! It is more user-friendly for both students and companies.

What’s new:
– Students are now applying for vacancies on the platform itself. You can immediately see who has applied for your vacancy in your own inbox. Here you can respond to the candidates.
– You can now send a message to students who appear suitable for the internship on the platform itself.
– Only students who are actively looking for an internship are visible on the platform.
– You are now able to fill in your own company page in addition to the vacancies you post. Students can get some more information about your company.

Currently, more than 100 students are looking for an international internship for the upcoming months. We are curious about your opinion on our new website!

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