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Choose us, because:

  • We are specialized in internships
  • We have a large network of universities and students
  • The ability to search for specific students
  • Approach students yourself
  • Create unlimited internship offers
  • Up to date database
  • Motivated students who are able to approach you
  • No intermediary (company), direct contact with students
  • Students from different courses
  • Choose the best student of all the applied students


Step 1

Create an account and CV.

Step 2

Search for suitable companies and internship offers.

Step 3

Apply for the internship offer!


starting from € 254,15
per vacancy
  • Perfect for companies that want to make the first contact themselves
  • choose suitable candidates yourself
  • direct access to the platform
  • approach students from our partner universities directly
  • save your favorite talent


€ 449
per hired student
  • perfect for companies that want to outsource the first contact with students
  • receive a list of candidates to choose from
  • save time and effort
  • dedicated advice and support
  • no cure no pay